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DALL·E 2024-05-09 17.24.51 - A serene and mystical image depicting a sacred medicine journ

Healing Medicine and Ceremonies

“To heal is not only an intimate and personal journey that releases more joy and freedom into our lives, but it is our social responsibility to safeguard each other, the animal and plant relatives, and all of Earth from being victimized when we act out from our unhealed wounds.”

-Richard Brandt

Group Journeys

The Group Journeys are for those who would like to embark upon, or continue with, their healing journeys in the company of experienced guides and fellow conscious humans. While the experience is generally lighter, the powerful synergy and support of the group can inspire deep transformation.


The Group sizes are smaller and the Journeys are held in various locations. We may meet in a comfortable home, a retreat center, or we can journey into nature with more rustic accommodations or camping. See Wilderness Journeys.


Contact me at: to see if this is for you.

I’m also available to host custom groups of friends and family with clear intentions.

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Personal Healing Ceremony

The Personal Healing Ceremony is customized for each client’s needs. We meet prior to the ceremony to reveal the most potent and salient aspects of your life that need attention and healing. The ceremony is scheduled at your convenience and is held in a safe comfortable space. We stay connected for the thorough integration of each journey. This is trauma informed care.


This is not for the merely curious. Read below for more about my training and experience. You are cherished and respected just the way you are.

Contact me at: to see if this is for you.


Additional Healing Services

  • Coaching in micro-dosing.

  • Integration sessions using talk or a style of “Arnold Mindel’s Dream Body Work” (somatic process work). 

  • Shiatsu acupressure technique for stress relief and emotional integration and release.

  • Neo-Reichian oil based massage. This integrated system works with energy flow, lymphatic movement, and breath work.

Contact me at: to book an appointment or free consultation.

DALL·E 2024-05-09 17.24.51 - A serene and mystical image depicting a sacred medicine journ

My Training and Experience

Born: 12/17/1957

I’ve been a humble student of the plant medicine-way since I was a teenager here in Oregon. From my first experience I knew that they would have a profound influence on my life. Over decades I journeyed deep with them in nature. They became my teacher offering me a loving connection to my soul and Earth mother spirit. Many years later, when I was ready, I was, as I am now, inspired to share them. 


I was invited into the traditional sweat lodge and Native American Church in 1988. There I learned the values of humility, the use of many healing plants and how to use them, respect for elders and all beings, the power of prayer and community, and the sacred open hearted meaning of “All My Relations”. 


Psychedelic experiences continue to deepen and contribute to my spiritual, mental, and physical wisdom. They help to shape my dedication to walk this Earth Spirit path with authenticity and share it to the best of my ability.


My experience serving in AIDS hospices for several years touched me with the grace of understanding about the preciousness of life and its eternal presence.


I have completed the first Innertrek Psilocybin Training Program in Oregon in March, 2023. 

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