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“What a joy to have shared such a magical evening beneath the shelter and by the blazing warmth of the heart of your budding sanctuary.Thank you for bringing your beautiful and open heart to your work, to the world, and for sharing it”

--Margret Sanger
Full Moon Tea Ceremony, April 2021


“Thank you so much Richard for last night’s gathering and all that it took to create it! What a beautiful and vital-to-our-souls thing you have going on!”

--Carolyn Holman
Equinox Tea Ceremony, March 2021


“My time with Richard at Heart Fire Sanctuary allowed me to take a deep dive into my psyche.  Upon meeting Richard I felt safe, trusting him with my journey. It was a beautiful experience that allowed me to open parts of my mind, and ego. As I gained compassion and insight into myself.”



“Richard,From the bottom of my heart thank you for the magical full moon chakai. It was so dear that every detail was thought out and the evening & company was a delight. Indeed, Heart Fire Sanctuary lives up to its name.”



Twilight Full Moon Tea Ceremony, February 2021


“I enjoyed my time at Heart Fire Sanctuary, a natural, unassuming place, perfect for resting outside my normal world and inside my inner one. The vegetable garden nurtured my body and my soul. My meditative journey with Richard Brandt at Heart Fire Sanctuary can be summed up in one word: Profound. Richard’s authenticity, a rare quality, spoke softly to me and held deeply the awaiting potential, helping me open to its realization. I can hardly wait to be there again.”




“Working with Richard and Heart Fire Sanctuary has been absolutely life changing. The safety and skill Richard embodied as a guide offered a depth of self-inquiry and healing that far exceeded my expectations. The work we did together has had a tremendous and lasting impact on my relationships with myself, my loved ones, and with the earth. Heart Fire Sanctuary is a true sanctuary for my heart.“


--Michael Silverstein-Bode



“They say that when the student is ready the teacher arrives. Thatmust surely be the case with me. The services that Richard provided have proven to be transformative.  Surely I must have been ready to receive these blessings.  I was fortunate enough to do a solo ceremony with Richard. Richard provided exactly the right atmosphere of acceptance and allowing, in which I felt safe to meet levels of myself deeper than I could ever have imagined.  Richard was on hand continuously to disperse all fears and attend to every need. I felt absolutely free to be myself.  This permission was so life-affirming, that I have vowed to never go back. In fact, in the midst of this experience, I exclaimed "I never have to go back!".  Almost immediately after my ceremony my life began to improve. Insights continue to emerge with positive influences. I have great gratitude to my guides for bringing Richard into my life at the exact right time and that I was able to have such a beautiful ceremony and journey. Thank you.”


--Jeanette 2021


“Maybe no one will be surprised if I say I got inspired by the powerful waves and mystic trees in the Oregon coast. Thanks to Richard’s guidance during Creative Pathways, I explored the meaning of Courage and Strength; from imagining the first person imagining oneself riding a whitecap, to taking step after step to become a confident rider. On the other hand, by immerse oneself in old Sitka Spruce forest; the strongest softwoods with shallow root system, one is able to witness that it's the connection that gives them great strength and stability, which may give a different dimension to the meaning of “Strength.” There are countless inspirations in mother Earth. With a gentle pointer, one can find one’s own paths.”


--May Wong, Creative, Pathways: Cape Meares, 2022


“Its been a few weeks, and I still consider my journey to be one of the most profound experiences of my life. There was healing at such a deep level that its hard to put into words. I feel a deeper sense of confidence, clarity and direction in my life and a knowing that there is really nothing to fear. Richard’s knowledge, skill, compassion and sincerity contributed in a huge way to my experience. I’m deeply grateful for him creating the opportunity and highly recommend a journey for anyone wanting deep and lasting change.”


--Barbara Portland OR


“Walking the Diamond Heart Path with Richard's exquisite and loving guidance was one of the most healing and empowering experiences I have had in my life. I felt Richard's deep trust in me to know myself which really helped me to connect to my inner knowing and self worth on this journey.  As a queer person, it made a significant difference to work with someone with  whom I feel safe and comfortable being my whole self. The sense of contentment, purpose, gratitude and belonging I found during my solo fast has continued to support me in living my fullest life many months later."


Diamond Heart Path: “Deep Calling”

Black Canyon, Oregon, 2022


“I am a licensed psychotherapist. In 2018, a couple of my patients asked what I knew about psilocybin as a treatment, and I knew nothing. I, myself, was a novice psilocybin journeyer. During a mastermind zoom meeting in 2021, I met Richard. After he shared his story, my intuition told me that he would be a good fit to guide me on my journey. It was spot on. I flew to Oregon from across the country and spent two amazing days.My whole experience with him, in Heart Fire Sanctuary, was magical.   If you are an experienced journeyer or a novice, and you are looking for a guide, I highly recommend that you reach out to Richard. He has created a safe, beautiful space for expansion. His spirit, intentions, and the Heart Fire Sanctuary create a perfect space within which to launch into “real” life.”


--Ruth Strawberry, 2022


“Exquisite. This is the one word that sums up my ceremonial experience with Richard Brandt, Since that time, I have done much research into psychedelic-assisted therapy and guided ceremonies. I can now see the wisdom behind so much of what he did to provide an optimal experience. I highly recommend Richard Brandt as a guide for those looking for deeper meaning to their experiences with these powerful medicines.”


--Koré Mac, 2022

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